The revolutionary new
skin closure modality

The INSORB Absorbable Stapler is a patented skin closure
modality that places a proprietary absorbable staple entirely
underneath the top layer of skin.

As fast as metal stapler

Eliminates percutaneous injuries

Eliminates metal staple removal

Low maintenance wounds

Eliminates needlesticks

Welcome to the 21st Century!

INSORB Staples are placed
entirely underneath the top
layer of skin eliminating needless piercings and are
absorbed within months

INSORB Absorbable
Subcuticular Skin Staples
Percutaneous Metal
Skin Staples

At Surgery

At 1 Week
(midline incision)

Patient-Centric ‚óŹ Cost-Effective

Compared to Percutaneous Metal Staples INSORB Absorbable Subcuticular Staples "may lead to less in-hospital analgesic use" resulting in "a cost savings of approximately $200 per patient even after considering the higher cost of the device."

Compared to Absorbable Subcuticular Suture
"For cesarean delivery, the INSORB Staple is faster and more cost-effective than subcuticular suture... One needlestick injury occurred with suture."

See references on Clinical page.

The INSORB Skin Closure Modality