Patient Testimonials (Side-by-Side Comparisons)

"I wish my whole incision was closed with the study [INSORB®] staples." - Abdominoplasty

"The right side of my incision [metal skin staples] pinches more than the left [INSORB® staples]." - Repeat Cesarean Section

"I did not even know I was cut on my left [INSORB® staple] side. There was stinging and burning on the right [metal staples] side but not on left [INSORB® staples] side." - Primary Cesarean Section

"Upper part [INSORB® staples] of incision is fine, but lower part [metal skin staples] pinches a lot." - Abdominal Hysterectomy

"The wound feels very comfortable." - Repeat Cesarean Section

"I am very happy with the incision and wish this technology was available for ER use (Patient is an Emergency Room Physician)." - Primary Cesarean Section

"I like the visual appearance of the wound better than staples (metal)." - Repeat Cesarean Section

"This incision feels much better than the previous scar." - Repeat Cesarean Section

"The flat part (INSORB® closure) looks a lot better (compared to sutured closure). My friend also needs to have surgery and is going to wait until the whole incision can be closed with this new (INSORB®) stapler." - Abdominoplasty

"Why wasn't my whole incision closed with the new stapler. I noticed the (INSORB®) stapler area healed the best compared to the rest of my incision." - Abdominoplasty

"This wound is more comfortable than my last." (Entire incision closed with INSORB®) - Repeat Cesarean Section

"I did not know the difference in the staples (INSORB® versus metal) until you had to take the metal ones out. That was a definite difference between the two types!" - Abdominoplasty

"The INSORB® side is not as tender or as swollen and it also seemed to heal better and faster. I wish my whole incision was closed with the new staples." - Abdominoplasty